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Výstava - Patřičný a hosté - O dřevě
Exhibition Patřičný a hosté - O dřevě
NZM Praha
  30. 09. 2009 – 30. 06. 2010 30.9.2009 - 30.6.2010 The National Museum of Agriculture Prague presents for the first time work of Patřičný Martin and his guests, all artists [...]
Chuť Evropy / A Taste of Europe
A Taste of Europe
NZM Praha
A TASTE OF EUROPE - is a project about European food production and consumption. Nine museums in Europe are involved with the project. By building a common exhibition we hope to learn more about [...]
NZM - Národní zemědělské muzeum, ilustrační foto
The magic of agricultural technology IV
NZM Praha
(until June 13, 2010; first floor lounge) The fourth exhibition featuring drawings created by 2nd year undergraduates of the study programme “Architecture and Building Construction” of the [...]
národní zemědělské muzeum
Josef Ressel - Czech forester and inventor of the world format
NZM Ohrada
01. 04. 2010 – 30. 09. 2010 The exhibition runs from 1/4/2010 to 30/9/2010. The exhibition was on loan from the Technical Museum of Slovenia (Tehniški muzej Slovenije) and was prepared the [...]
Výstava Knedlík – Kloss – Knödel aneb Knedlíkové nebe
Exhibition Knedlík - Kloss - Knodel
NZM Praha
The exhibition has been prepared and presented in three-year Czech-German project of the Municipal Museum in Deggendorf (2007), House of Frankish history in Abenberg (2008) and the Museum of Cheb, [...]

akce NZM
recykLES - Stories from the forest worlds
NZM Praha
A playful journey to the places, where mysterious forces give their own guidelines to the energy of the entire forest world, preserved under the cover of forest fruits and seeds, in the rhythm of the [...]
akce NZM
Silent Lab
NZM Praha
Audiovisual installation of the Czech Pavilion EXPO 2015 presents a live forest set in a futuristic laboratory, where today’s modern technology enables visitors to peep into the cellular level of a [...]
akce NZM
I have served men for as long as one can remember
NZM Praha
The exhibition presents packaging and its recycling. Packages are all around us – to protect food products, allow transportation, ease consumption and they have many other functions. What would the [...]
akce NZM
NZM Praha
Modern interactive exhibition using audiovisual techniques, aquariums with freshwater fish. The exhibition offers numerous activities for children and playful adults. You can go on a journey to see [...]
akce NZM
Here Comes the Tractor
NZM Praha
More than 20 types of tractors from domestic and foreign manufacturers exhibited here represent a fraction of a large historical collection of agricultural machines of the NMA branch in Čáslav. The [...]
akce NZM
Outdoor exhibition
NZM Praha
Small agricultural farm/Field with agricultural plants/Educational trail The museum has established in its backyard an educational trail for identifying trees, a small agricultural farm with small [...]

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